Toral issues that urgently need attention Mercury project

LAREDO, TX. -The candidate for mayor of Laredo, Mercurio Martínez III, received solidarity at his campaign fund dinner and at the podium to identify priority issues for the city.
He said that being part of the government has allowed him to learn about issues that demand attention to move the community to a better quality of life.
“I am aware of the needs of our city,” Mercurio said. «But we must travel from Washington to Austin to achieve the benefits that our city deserves.»
He said that the water issue is serious, but that it will be dealt with responsibly so that the community does not face shortages at any time of the year.
Infrastructure to channel commercial cargo to highways so that they do not overwhelm the community.
He expressed that McPherson Avenue has become saturated like other traffic streets, solutions must be found.


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