Video went viral of a confrontation to blows in Bridge 2


LAREDO, TX. – A video that went viral of a street fight in the fan of the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge in access to checkpoints is under investigation.
Customs agents broke up a fight between several individuals when they attacked each other at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 10, said Rick Pauza, a CBP spokesman.
“A northbound vehicle on the Juárez-Lincoln Bridge had attempted to change lanes and collided with another unit in the preschool area,” Pauza said. “There was a physical confrontation between passengers of both vehicles.”
CBP officers separated them, temporarily detained the vehicle’s passengers, and escorted them for secondary inspection.
Laredo police were immediately contacted. One passenger suffered cuts and bruises but refused medical transport.
Police admitted taking note of the case but said it was placed under investigation as injuries were involved.
The participants in this confrontation were not identified, whether they were United States nationals, Mexican residents, or visitors.


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