Stranded on IH-35, trailer collides and dies


LAREDO, TX. – At milepost 12 of IH-35, a San Antonio man was killed Wednesday night when a Freightliner trailer rear-ended him.
Rodolfo Puente Rivera, 36, was stabilized by the paramedics who transferred him to the Hospital de Los Doctores, but he died during his treatment.
Police spokesman Investigator Joe Baeza said blood samples were taken from the Missouri driver of the heavy vehicle, he was kept waiting for medical help to arrive for the injured man, and no charges were filed at this time.
The incident occurred around 9:00 p.m. when the white Ford Eco Van stopped in the center lane of IH-35.
«Minutes before the accident, it had been reported that a vehicle was stopped in the IH-35 lane,» Baeza said. «The accident and fatality were later reported.»
The police try to establish what were the causes for which the Ford Eco was stopped in the central lane of the road.
It is not known if, when stopping their progress, a breakdown could have been reported in the vehicle that Puente Rivera was driving.
The police also do not know if the emergency flashers were on if the vehicle had gasoline or not; there is no reasonable cause at this time.
Reports indicate that the Freightliner trailer was traveling north on IH-35 when the unit suddenly collided, the heavy vehicle was trapped in the Ford Eco and it was said that it could not avoid colliding.
Baeza said that sobriety signs were taken from the driver of the heavy vehicle who had no signs of intoxication.
The Crime Division accident team opened the investigation and is in the process of establishing more details of the accident. The driver cooperated with the authority and was allowed to continue on his way.
The victim’s family was notified and the victim’s status may be revealed during the autopsy.


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