Deaths from accidents overflow in Laredo and NLD


LAREDO, Texas. – Authorities on both sides of the border are concerned about fatal accidents where lives have been lost, thousands of people have been injured and hundreds of survivors have been left paraplegic.

In press conferences, Nuevo Laredo Mayor Carmen Lilia Canturosas, and in Laredo, Texas, law enforcement agencies and the Texas Department of Transportation called on drivers to drive with caution.

The call was not coordinated among themselves, but authorities agree that they want to stop deaths in traffic accidents.

«Transit officers will be present on Colosio Boulevard to watch drivers slow down and stop those who have consumed alcohol and drive their cars,» said Canturosas Villarreal. «It is up to the government of Nuevo Laredo to preserve the life of the driver and the victims.»

In Laredo, Police Chief Claudio Treviño, sheriffs and the Texas Department of Public Safety reported that 79,000 lives have been lost in 22 years.

In the year 2021, 4,494 people died on the roads of Texas with an average of 11 people dying each day. This figure is considered the highest in years.

So far in 2022, 3,655 people have been killed on Texas roadways with an average of 11.5 deaths per day as of Tuesday, November 15, 2022.

Stats 2022 to date:

1,104 people have died so far in 2022 while driving at an unsafe speed.

1 in 4 deaths in 2022 was caused by a drunk driver.

Distracted driving has been the cause of death for 348 people in accidents in 2022.

In traffic accidents, 582 pedestrians have died in 2022.

941 people have died because they did not wear seat belts.

In Nuevo Laredo, Mayor Canturosas called for conscience to drive with greater precautions.

Highway agents are watching to curb fatalities and guide respect for the laws.

The authorities on both sides of the border only seek conscience, life, and respect in their movements through the streets and avenues of the city.


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