Columbus Day holiday with vehicle load on highways


LAREDO, TX. – The Columbus Day holiday was surrounded by accidents, deaths, and hundreds of infractions by state highway police officers.
The Texas Department of Transportation, and local and county police continually ask drivers to respect speed because it represents the greatest risk and fatalities when involved in accidents.
In a recent interview with TxDOT District Engineer David Salazar, he said that 10 people die on highways every day in the state.
The reasons are different, but it involves carelessness, driving at high speed, talking on the phone, and consuming alcohol, among others.
Intense surveillance was observed on the main highways of the state and state police officers were observed ensuring that speed limits were complied with.
Several accidents occurred when drivers moved too close from one car to another.
At the time of sudden braking, the vehicle behind him would have been embedded.
State rules for driving from one vehicle to another on the highway is approximately 200 feet when traveling 50 miles.
If driving 70 miles, the distance should be 387 feet by state rules, allowing you to stop without colliding with the vehicle in front.
Another cause of numerous fatal accidents is that drivers traveling in the third lane of a state highway, whether in the city or in the countryside or rural area, cross into the first lane without taking precautions.


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