City authorities thank the leadership of the Mayor, Merc, and councilmen


LAREDO, TX. – In the midst of recognition and mariachi music, authorities of the City of Laredo thanks Mayor Pete Saenz and four councilmen for their services rendered to the council and Laredo society.

The honorees have completed two terms in eight years as elected officials to make way for the newly elected in the last election.

Councilman Ruben Gutierrez Jr., and Councilman Albert Torres presented a medal, as well as a gift to Mayor Pete Saenz Jr., Dr. Marte A. Martinez, Mercurio Martinez III, Deputy Mayor Vidal Rodriguez and Rudy Rodriguez.

In addition, they presented a video summary of the efforts reached in their districts where millions of dollars were invested in diversity of infrastructure, parks, recreation, and water pipes with the interest that the quality of life of the inhabitants would make a difference.

Mayor Saenz, Martinez III, Dr. Marte, Vidal and Rudy expressed their gratitude for the recognition, pointing out that on some occasions they disagreed, but at the end of the day they agreed for the best actions that gave a new glow of life to the community.

Mayor Saenz stated that he dedicated his entire time to serving the community and that he was happy to have contributed to improving the living status of Laredoans.

He admitted that there were difficult times with the pandemic, the lack of water and other decisions, but he always worked for Laredo.

Alderman Martínez III spoke about the agreements to solve the water problem, the pandemic, and investments in different areas to give Laredoans a better quality of life.

Other councilors also balanced their exercise in favor of the community.


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