Mercury (Merc) leads electoral preferences

LAREDO, TX. -Mercurio (Merc) Martinez III, has focused his electoral campaign for mayor of Laredo by citizenizing his interaction with voters.
It means that he personally spoke with the inhabitants of the community, in a restaurant, on the street and in areas of public presence, where voters refer their concerns that will enrich a government political project.
“I am motivated because the inhabitants of our city express what they wish for the future,” Merc told The Timoshenko News. «Our commitment is to govern in the new times, challenges and solutions, in addition to expressing issues of concern to taxpayers and that we will seek fair solutions focused on our people.»
The candidate is accepted in the community and his development is impressive because he identifies and discusses the different issues that the voters raise.
I followed him in moments of the diary as he walked around town and watched how sympathies are directed at his candidacy.
«We have found approval from our community for the candidacy,» said candidate Martinez. “At this time, finding solutions is the focus. The community knows because it is wise who has fulfilled their public order”.
The candidate Martínez is playing a very interactive role, that is to say, he travels the city from south to north and from east to west, to detail what is happening in each neighborhood and how to undertake an exercise of unity with each alderman and his district.
There are a variety of issues of concern and when it comes to children, and adults, protection does not matter because they are the most sensitive ethnic groups in our community.


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