College Station University guides adults


LAREDO, TX. – Guille Díaz and Eduardo Salinas visit adults every day and guide them about the SNAP program that refers to nutrition.Diaz and Salinas said they were encouraged and represent Texas A&M, the University of Texas at College Station.»We visit recreational centers in Laredo-Webb, we refer them to the daily food that an adult should consume that will allow them a more solid health,» said Salinas. «We guide them on portions, calories, as well as low-impact exercise.»Salinas is an educator at Laredo College in the evenings and he assigns the day to adults.For Díaz the main objective is to educate adults, they are receptive to their health care through the university.»Taking care of our body in the most appropriate ways is exercise and nutrition:» explains Díaz. «Within the program, it refers to four lessons and they are guided step by step.»Older adults should take care of what to do and what not to do. They like orientation at Community Centers and other community groups.When it comes to keeping active is a priority, they like to know what they need to do to stay very receptive in their family, personal and friends lives, Diaz said.“It is not one-way communication. The interest is to feed them back and you learn from them, ”said Díaz. «The knowledge that we acquired from them, my colleague Salinas and I, transferred to other people.»

College Station University guides adults


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