Roberto J. Santos Receives Support for UISD Councilmember


LAREDO, TX. – For 48 years in education, Roberto J. Santos accredits his responsibilities until reaching the superintendence of United ISD and now seeks the vote for District 3 Councilman.

Santos’ interest is for the UNITED School District to continue to rank in the top places for achievement in Texas.

After retiring as superintendent of UISD, where more than 42,000 students and 7,000 employees remained under his leadership, Santos participates in the election to continue providing quality education.

The position of Councilman in District 3 is meritorious, he does not receive a salary, because those who are on the board of directors are men and women who are interested in education.

“I have my free time now that I’m retired,” explains Santos. “If the District 3 vote is in my favor, I will work with the board and Superintendent David E. Gonzalez. The concern is the children’s education, well-being, development and integrity.»

During the Santos administration, UISD approved the construction of elementary schools, a middle school, and four ninth-grade buildings.

In 2013 the community voted for a $400 million bond that was spent on educational buildings, facilities, and the Aquatic Center.

Each high school has a state-of-the-art ninth-grade building.

UISD continues to grow and accumulate innovations that open opportunities for children and youth.

With Santos’ experience, it will be possible to identify the best options that open doors to future graduates of the district.

Parents assume that the former superintendent will have the best decisions on the board of directors because he has already traveled all the paths of education that have benefited UISD.


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